simply done brothers

Posted by sazali

Salam. Another menu for breakfast is bread with egg salad. It is nutritious n very filling for a university/ polytechnic/ matriculation college student like you. how to prepare? He..he l) find 4 slices of bread or nan. 2) fry 2 eggs. Make sure it is not too brown or black when you fry the eggs. 3) when done, take out the eggs and put them in a plate. 4) cut bawang besar and tomatoes. Carrot is also good. Cut small portion of chilly. 5) Now put the egg in between the bread. 2 eggs you get 4 pieces of bread. 6) now easy..put the onions and tomatoes inside the bread. Add sos if you want. Put cucumber if any. 7) Now prepare a cup of Hot Nescafe/ black coffee. 8) By now u have prepared a simple western breakfast. BRAVO. You eat them fast but read a simple doa before you take the food. By now i think you havein front of you a nutritious food which is much better than the mamaks roti canai that you had taken all the mornings in PR. Wasallam.


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