Menulis dan terus menulis

Posted by sazali

Salam Payah juga kerja menulis ini ..terutama kalau kita sedang belajar di peringkat post graduate (masters/ PhD). Ini adalah kerana .. otak kita tidak biasa menulis report .. berbentuk teknikal dan .. tinggi. Apatah lagi jika SV kita orang putih di London, Glasgow atau New York/ When they say .. I want you to submit me 2 A4 papers report monthly .. it is not an ordinary A4 report. It means many things .. he is going to see how much you are reading in your PhD work this Year 1 or 2. (2) last 2 years .. I attended a small workshop conducted by a UM professor. I can't remember his blessed name. but from his A4 he meant the smallest font .. in 2 page A4 paper. It should have introduction, problem statement, objective, research questions, expected results , methodology .. I tried that method with my PhD student. She never come back. 3) See .. ? the results of that 2 A4 paper. 4) the main reason is .. we are not used to be pushed to write seriously .. on many things. in my old old days .. I worked in JPN Kelantan under Dr Wan Zahid Noordin. After I wrote any paper .. suddenly .. the name of my direct boss was printed in my work. There was no mentioning of my name at all. I heard he went to Japan ..based on my writings. But it was ok .. thinking about that .. that is why ..many of us are not that serious in writing .. many technical matters. I better stop there. Mengumpat itu sedap .. he..he.. Allah knows best. I will continue later insya allah. wallahu aklam bis sawab


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