Posted by sazali

Salam. Man has many kinds of feeling. Yesterday he coukd be happy and today he is so sad. Happy because he finally got a ticket home for raya ..and so sad for failing in his exam. But dont worry ..tomorrow he may b happy again. Thats the state of all men white, black, green òr blue. We have understood that fact since Prophet Adam alaikhis salam. This is because man is easily influence by the surroundings. The problem is how to maintain happiness? I put my idea here..if we r sad because our wife has run away ..we should try n say ..at least i have married once, twice before. There r many others ..who never know what is marriage after all. Try n look positively. If we have provided so many comfort for our wives ,,,n yet they still opted out..what can we do? Now some ladies r smarter than men ..they can cheat their men anytime except thosee who fear Allah. If Aallahs greatness is not in the heart..they can do many things. Alfatihah. To be good..educate yourselves n wife with iman. Tq. U will b all right punyotq. Wasallam


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