why they cannot improve

Posted by sazali

Salam if melayu teacher teaching english ..it is hard to get excellent students who can talk english. why? first, the students hope all the time .. the teachers will switch to malay any time during the teaching. second, after the english lessons ..all other subjects are in malay/ Bahasa Malaysia. This is different if the teachers are non malays coming from USA, United Kingdom or India. The students have to try hard to follow the english lessons by hook or by crook all through out the lessons. See? the results would be different. Now things got worse. Some brilliant BM experts are using Malay ..but the words originate from the english. examples: jogging. this word is not malay, you know? second is shopping. This is also not malay. The worse came later when they used the word 'koreksional' which comes from english correctional. Something undergoing some rehabitations, improvement and many more upgrading. So that's it mates. The problem is getting horrible. tq. wallahu aklam.


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