Another Friday ..

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Syukur ..  we are still here in this world.  Alive , fit and healthy.  Syukur ..we can still go to our offices and  jobs ..thus we are known by the public to our linkage to the teaching institutions etc etc.  Without jobs, it is hard to maintain  kids and old parents in a metropolitan , Kuala Lumpur.

Today is Friday.  In Malaysia, we go to the office starting at 0800hours , then  to the mosque at 1300 hours noon.  Then at 1445 pm we enter our offices complete our task until 1700 hours.  So we have to be very organized to serve the public within a shorter working hours today.  But .. Malaysia is still growing strong in spite ..of people saying that Malaysians are wasting   a lot of time in terms of true productivity.  The main thing is we must have good workers who are committed to their duties all the time. This can come about if the workers are honest, sincere and grateful to this working opportunity in a peaceful country like Malaysia.  Some countries did not go anywhere ..because their workers practice 'some' wrong doings like corruption, internal  political fighting, sexual misbehaviors and dishonesty.  This came when they did not pay attention on building the humans from the aspect of religious and good social cultural values.  One who is religious .. is bound to obey his Chief Creator and of course his direct bosses.

Syukur (literal meaning  is thanks to the Al Mighty Allah) is the name of the game.  We must feel grateful that we have good families , good environment with good students and friends , to be working  ..  then our country is strong and prosperous.

With that let us read Al Fatihah to our late parents, teachers and neighbors whom .. without their sacrifices ..we won't be here . Right?  Salawat Nabi too.



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