Preparation for teaching well

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If we want to get something done, we have to prepare very well.  As teachers we need to prepare well especially our classes are at the bottom 3.  Examples teaching Form 2G, Form 2H and Form 2J would be entirely different than teaching Form 2 Express.


So what are the preparation?

1)  you must stay healthy
2)  try to be happy & try to smile .  he..he..he..
3) prepare 4 types of questions -  the most easiest to the most payahs?  the easiest is .. what is the answer for Question 5 Joe?  and the hardest question in Algebra I would be .. how do you know that solution works?  Can we prove that ?

4)  bring along your curriculum, preparation book to teach weekly etc.
5)  what to teach, lesson plan, worksheets
6)  working calculator of your ownselves
7)  types of questions to try in the class with your students , quiz, test

8)  assessment and evaluation - sample of past exam papers
9)  is your watch ticking correctly just like your students? .  In short is it OK?

10)  be punctual to the class.  Punctuality means mean business in teaching.
11)  leave behind your handset/ handphone/ tablet.

Put these a special bag i.e., a bag that looks a bit better than the students' beg.  FGS!  for god sake.


From my 32 year observation, new teachers are the ones who observed the above 11 points all the time.  Senior teachers rarely need that anymore.  They have so many gadgets and not  plus some of them brought so many stories into the staff room.  An example, he managed to sell his 25 year old Toyota to an arab student for RM10K. Wow!

With that, I would leave you here .. think about it .. are we at schools to teach, to learn and to share knowledge and skills of mathematics or just ..  we are fooling around with our lives?  God forbids please. A u zu billah.

Think please.



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