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Education is defined as ' something change in your behavior'.  Without changing, you arre considered not learning .. in short .. less education.

By living day by day .. hopefully we learn something new.  One of them is ..  thankful to Allah for giving us another chance (day) to live in 2014.  Imagine someone who had survived since 1914.  It means that he had education for the last 100 years.

2) to live longer , you do these few things :

first , pray subuh in the local masjid@mosque.
second, while going out from your home , bring some money / coins.
thirdly, put the money into the masjid's charity box.  Dont think so long .. just put the money.
fourthly, ..  if you drop at a mamak's food stall/ restaurant, buy something nice for your families like roti canai.  Buy 2 if your house has 4 kids.  They will learn something called sharing among their brothers and sisters.

FYI, I got that tips from a kitab.  Don't worry ..who the author is ..  the chance is that ..  for knowledge, very few people attend solat in jamaah in this town, other towns and cities all over the world.  That is why , they do not enjoy a long live.  They feel so stress up even though they r just having 1 kid.  Me?  i have 6 children.

By giving food, people will pray for you unknowingly.  See?
By giving food to the birds and chickens , the animals are praying for you ..silently.  they pray you gonna have a good live ..insya allah.  O God give this man a long n prosperous long life. He always think of us above his own needs.   Ameen.

With that I pen off now.

Rushing to be in a 1st PISA Symposium in Penang.



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