What are you thinking young man?

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Everyday as a father , I am used to think (in the process = thinking)  about something. Similar is my readers , I suppose.

We always think, right?
sometimes the money come unexpectedly  from the heaven.  Sometimes it never come even though we have tried so hard.  How do we measure this 'hard'?  Is it like the wood from the virgin forest like Belum Forest Reserve in Ulu Perak/ Kelantan?

2) Yesterday I finally met my mok sepupu in kok jering, Pasir Puteh, Kelantan  after 30 long years searching. So nice a feeling?

Last few months , i met my best lady friend after 40 years in Besut, Terengganu. All her children are doctors. Think she can rest quietly and stop working by now.

Her children are well behaved. Good grooming i am dead sure that the discipline and education has taken place all these years.
Before that , we got into Kedah, Merbuk /..     finding my second and third cousins from my late father's side.

3) my Old n wise men used to  say  ..if you met old friends and old relatives ..within a year (after making extra long effort searching) ..you shall have a long life. This is supported by al-Hadith regarding getting attach to old n lost relationship after the demise of your parents.  Insya allah and Ameen.  Now not many young people bother to find relatives and introduce themselves to our young ones. Why? May be they are too busy ..really?

Thinking ..thinking and smiling to myself ..now my wife shall  have  a new set of friends. Out of a sudden Allah granted that easily you see?  Alhamdulilah.

Syukur.  Expression of grateful to this opportunity.



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