good bye sir

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A new islamic year. Happy muharram. We are in 1436 Hijrah now.

Yesterday we left 1435 hijrah. We left the year or the year left us? He he he.

if we look back. Few of our friends had left us for good right?
some of us got married. Few got a good wife and some must be patient with their new partners, new style and many more. Something is different.  We went through all that willingly or not.

last year i retired. After retirement, my life underwent many things. What i felt, the other pensioners felt the same. What were they?
as teachers, we missed the classrooms. We missed our students .. we missed giving instructions n so on.

we lost many educated friends. In the kampung, the mood is quite different.

firstly, the society got to make adjustments accomodatjng our presence. They tried to understand our talking n experience. But mostly, we tried hard to understand the locals.

secondly, our routine is now broken. We did not need to wear good clothes any more. We tucked out the shirts. By that, we looked a bit funny. He he he. We tried to giggle ..but it turnedvout ..a silent one. No one shared our funny any more.

i tried to read but it did not take me long when i realised..reading for what?

We read to seek knowledge. But dont u think you have enough so far?

I tried to stay a bit longer in the mosque but ..this place is not like our office, home or market. We just listened to the ustaz. If he talked nice ..we gonna felt some happiness but mostly the tone was flat and very boring. The syaitan whispered..common get out ..the stories kept reoeating .. new analysis, evaluation n what not. Everything was stale. But i tried my best to stay longer ..but at times i lost the battles.

what battle? It was something involving nafsu, desire, and dunia.

But driving home, i learnt , this is it mate. Your new life!

I tried to call old friends. Sometimes i got the answers and we engaged a long talk in the kine but mostly ..yes i knew they were busy to entertain you any more. You lost your importance by retiring.

now i go to sleep.  I must learnt the reality. That beautiful years had left me. O Lord ..Make me happy n contented. Yes i am still healthy. Alhamdulillah. I must move on.

wallahu aklam bis sawabbbb.


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