Reunion TMS Besut after 40 long years

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Yesterday I met many old friends in Tengku Mahmood School, Besut, Tereñgganu. The meeting was held near Dewan Fatimah. Some of us left n now we met after 40 long years since MCE 1974.

Our former great teachers came too all the way from Segamat, Johor Bharu ANd kedah.  What a great day it was.  Looking at their Bas Persiaran .... we were very moved to see the sacrifice of their trips.

My friends that came were Sudirman Yusoff, Azmi Ghani, Azman Ahmad, Zawiah Abas, Tuan Mohd Yusof, Nor Azmi Hussain, Baharuddin Manan, Nik Mohd Ghani, Embong, Dahlan Omar, Halil Ismail, Dr Rosman Jumaah, Pilot Wan Zali, Yang Arif Datuk Hakim Mohd Yazid Mustapha, ..the teachers were Mr Peter Yip, Mr Ooi Kok Lye, Mr Fadhil Bola, ..

We should feel grateful with this form of meeting where we met for a short time ..sharing old jokes, collecting episodes how we had obeyed blindly our teachers when we were caught wrong with copying and wrong spellings in English essays , and many more.
Mr Peter Yip told how he messed with a bucket WHILE trying to get a bath ..using the old well..20 meters deep in remote village in Kpg Alor Lintang . Oh..he brought old kerosene lamp at the well..n of course many mosquitoes attacked him with his white skin . Listening to his stories..i think much the Chinese and Indian teachers went through ..serving the Malay and the Indian communities ..for the sake of  education. This type   of sacrifice from 3 main races had brought untold greatness to Malaysian hockey in 1975 and Malaysian Soccer team in 1980 Moscow.
Of course we missed those friends who had left us for good ..The late Nordin Ramli, Roshimi Omar, Zakaria Ismail ..and many more. Al Fatihah.  The good points the reporter  brought his  wife (Shamsina Jaafar) where she met my best friend's wife - Madame Rosllina  Nik Md Ghani.  Ha..ha..ha..

The meeting was held at 0900 and I left at half ten ..when ..thet
y stayed there until a special lunch at 100 pm.

Thank you Allah.
O yes..i met Tuan Gayah in Jerteh Tabung Haji. My former Form 2B classmate in 1971.

In the middle .. these 2 boys should have come ..but they  missed it lah.  March 2015?


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