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I bought Sunday Star yesterday.  But only after subuh ...today ..  i start to read.  Somebody wrote about efficiency and an efficient teacher.

I think the writing was a very good one for me as a teacher of course.  A perfect nail on the coffin!

May I share a bit though ..

2)  An efficient teacher is always punctual to class, classes, lecture and lectures.  He teaches well and he walks out from his class on time.  Nothing more and nothing less.

Unfortunately, I saw ..most young teachers are very efficient .. since they are not yet .. confirmed in their teaching posts DG41, DG44, DG48.

From my observations ..  most maths and science graduates are very efficient in their own worlds.  One day I was asked to do something .. on the netball pitch ..  because the principal taught as a maths teacher ..  I can draw the lines neatly and correctly on the pitch.  But theory is different from practice under the hot equatorial sun ....  On the pitch ..there are some bumps here and there. To put salt to pepper , the black oil was not enough to draw the lines ..  and Of course the lines that I made with 'pak chik tukang kebun ' was not so exact that day .. and this brought many comments from my senior teachers.  He..he..

I saw my senior teachers .. can only talk and make endless orders.  Sometime I took the comments well but sometimes .. I hated them more than Hitler, Chin Peng and Ayoh Ping.    Everyday .. I got many kinds of instructions.  One day I was asked  to draw an internal examination time table.  After spending so many nights preparing that  time table ..few lady teachers commented .. why they got to invigilate .. the first thing in the morning.
why not that teacher ..and so on ..  (including me) doing the morning jobs.

Well ..  i retorted ..  so why you come to school today?

You should have come after 10 am , you know, darling, .. after taking your breakfast, water your flowers, polishing your teeth  .. at home , pay bills at the post office ..

and of course . I got many kinds of wrath from my senior teachers either openly or secretly.  O yes ..their speech .. reminded me they did malay studies, history and geography at the well known University Malaya once upon a time .  Me?  I was trained in England.  The rakyat had spent 1 million ringgit sending me there .. and yet I was fit to draw lines on the netball pitch, carrying computer machines to town for repair and many more ...  I wish i could have driven the school bus too.


3)  Now .. at school ..many teachers acted like .. secretaries.  We have to fill all kinds of papers from the state education office, district education office and ..  what not.  Our energy has been drained doing other kinds of stupid jobs which i think ..  i can spend them well in the classrooms with my 'smart' students.

I just wonder ..where are all these forms going after all ?  Are they going to England, America, Bombay or just the firing pitch behind the school buildings 5 years from now ?

I don't mind filling up the forms ..really ?   for the high flying students .. but ..why must I put more details about a student who caused me many night mares .. all the year round.  I think the most suitable place for him / her  is ..prison.  He..he..he. And if he has a drug addict father .. must I care?

O yes .. my daughters (they are also teachers now ) one day complained about sending some examination marks in the middle of the night ..just to see that ..the computer system in Putrajaya was not at par with other countries   all the time.  This showed that this country is still .. not up to the mark - well  behind India or China in many ways .. I think.

Proof ?  see the Pisa 2012 and Timss 2011 ..  if all teachers are spending more quality time in the classes .. and not filling up the stupid forms day in and day out .. I am sure our students would do better than Vietnam or ..  Finland.

Really?  yes ..  one more thing .. why so many holidays this country, huh ?

if we have so many holidays .. how can I train my students with Higher Order Thinking Skills effectively.

You know what ..most parents and students are thinking more about holidays rather than doing well in English 1119 paper,. especially those who got their children in the boarding schools in Gerik, Kuala Ketil, Kuala Selangor or Pendang  

that is why ..  we are in the last third of the league in terms of maths and sciences among our 14 - 15 year old ..


Efficient is for cars and lorries ..not us ..with more than 25 days holiday per year ..

Only rich country can have this type of luxury like Dhuha, Qatar .. and then .. the our handsome minister .. said .. we gonna be a developed country next 6 years.  God Willing.  Ameen.



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