Takut gapo nyor?

Posted by sazali


Some of us took islam in bits and pieces.

Only when they wanted to marry their beloved ones .they come to the masjid.  After they got killed ..the remembered masjids.

From wedding to dying time ..they forgot Islam algother.

2)  In this short writing, the ustaz warned not to bring the families of those marrying couples into the main hall.

The warning came because ..

2.1  bad attires among the ladies.  Their clothing was not fit for the masjid.

2.2  ladies who are 'wet/blood/ mentruation'  are forbidden to enter the masjid.  If they are not careful they left a big map of Africa in reds on the carpets.

If they are so many wet ladies ..we can see many maps.

After the wedding ..oath ..  who is going to wash all the blood stains.  Got me?

3)  Only when marrying ..we wanted 'berkah' from Allah.

We wanted so many berkah from Allah during the oath ceremony ..  how about other times?

In the Quran ..Allah wants us to take Islam in full.

Then peace and harmony will come to the rest of the world.

With that .. Assalamu alaikum w.r.t.

I just passed the teachings of an ustaz I heard today for you my readers .. may Allah bless us all.



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