gitu gini ..oohs

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Life is too short.

Why worry so much?

2)  But from my observations many people loook sad with :

2.1  their jobs.
2.2  their families
2.3  their direct bosses
2.4  their money
2.5  their physical beings
2.6  their habits
2.7  many more

You name it .. they got it.

3) I went tabligh to Gua Musang many years ago.  I talk a bit about dakwah to a rubber tapper about the purpose of our lives in this dunia.

Soon he invited me to his hut.

You know what ..

he drank horlicks ... every day.

So if ..  the thais can drink horlickls as a rubber tapper .. why worry .. malays out there.

We must be a rich country.

We suck in 7 million  foreigners ..  working in estates, palm oils, cameron highlands ..  and pig shed ..

then ..many of our soldiers/ polices ..die in their duties .. maintaining the laws of this country.

4) Matematically speaking this huge numbers ..can play wonders for any party .. during the election times.  Thats why ..  one bahtera can last for 60 years already.

Democracy is about numbers.  If no numbers ..  i am sure somebody cannot talk this and that in the parliment.

Till the parliment ... stop functionig ..just take care of our selves ..

Allah is great.  Why worry?



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