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I got a very good friend called Nik Md Ghani.
We lived together in a police barrack Jerteh, Besut, Terengganu from 1965 to 1974.

2)  In Kelantan , Besut ..  people with the name of Nik Md .. we called them nikmat only.  My cousin named Nik Md Fauzi pun ..they called nikmat.  See?

But that is not what I meant in this writing.  It does not refer to men called Nik Md Ghani and Nik Mat Fauzi.

He..he.. he..

3) What I meant here is :  nikmat is .. the good things or blessings  that we got from the Al Mighty Allah.

the nikmats are:

good brain (education);
good children, families;
good country;
good policing;
good friends from all walks of lives;
good health;
good eye sights; hearings; appetite; carnal desires etc etc

but the biggest nikmat is Islam which we had got free-of-charge from the Al-Mighty.  Alhamdulilah.

4)  Many people took these nikmats  for granted.

Sometimes they misused them.

When God gives them money .. they used it to buy cigarrretes,  drugs and soon they got all kinds of cancer , and .. after all the worries .. their families dumped them into the graves.

When God gives them good wives , they mistreated their wives and  the children.  Many men currently  got working wives but they misused the wives' cars and drove them so fast as lightning ..and of course they got killed on the road one day.  Then every body brought their broken  bodies into the graves.  To save cost and time, some throw them into the oceans where many kinds of JAWS are still around.  Good food I think, all foc?

When God gives them good brain, good education, good jobs ..they misused them ..they took high living styles as their gods, many credit cards, many kinds of over spending ,  bribery, and of course ..they  found themselves in the jails and some got killed by the alongs.

When God gives them islam , they .. behaved like the kafiruns like commmitting zina/ adultery/ drinking/ drugging.  Soon they would be sent to hell.  Na u zubillah.  Please stay away from sins.  (refer to the Al Quraan).

In this part of the world, God gives a lot of  power to so many malay ministers ..but they forgot the amanah from the god/ rakyat ..  soon they were caught and dumped into the jails too.  Their assets got frozen by the authorities .. and all good things remained a memory.  Last time the Ottoman Empire crashed to the ground because of corruption and lax attitude .. and it won't be long the Malay Empire soon will come to the end.  By then ..  the rice has turned porridge.  Don't  cry for me Melayu!

Melayu has no special link with Allah.  If the arabs were destroyed by Allah because of sins those bad days..  what makes melayu think ..they can last for ever.

Unfortunately, men begin to realize after they are buried deep into the ground and their names were tarnished.  O yes .they begged from God to crawl out  again into the world .. but the angels said road man!  I kicked you in.  Stay put there you!

Soon when we meet Allah in akhirah ..all these nikmats will be asked .  Allah will ask you ..what did you do with your money, health, youth, knowledge, life ..  [ make doa ..we can answer all that very well ..ok?]

Why not we keep good care of all these nikmats my friends/ brothers and sisters before we lost them forever?  We need to do the work of dakwah like the prophets and their beloved followers.

Remember Allah all the time.  The greatest nikmat is Islam.  Die in Islam , will you?

Thank you.

Wallahu aklam bis sawab ( literal meaning :  God knows best)


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