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Before I go to bed

Last night, Allah gave me some taufiq and hidayah. I was able to read a kitab called “KITAB FIQAH” ; fikkih sunnah by syed sabiq vol 1,2,3 and 4 from Bandung, Indonesia published 1981. 4th Ed.

The point of knowledge was the doa upon you seeing the word ‘.. als sajadah..’ and we must read this doa (prayer)

Sajada wajhill lazi khalaqahu
Wa shaqqa sham a hu
Wa basara hu
Bi hau li hi
Wa qou wa ti hi
Fata barakkallahu
Ahk sannul qho likin “

Translation in Malay : sujudlah wajahku kpd Allah, dzat yang menciptakannya,
Yang membuka pendengaran serta penglihatannya dengan daya dan kekuatannya.

Maka mulialah Allah , sebaik-baik dzat yang menciptakan.”

Translation in English: “ ..bowing down kissing the floor is my face towards the greatness of Allah, the ENTITY that has created me, that has opened my ears to listen, my eyes to see with his sole permission only.

Verily purity is ALLAH, the best ENTITY that is the sole CREATOR.”

If sujud tilawah read in the main prayers , the better one to read is “..subha na robbiyal
A’la .”

Mutafakun alaihih.

**************** points of thoughts ****

Here one puts down his face towards the greatness of Allah who has given him a beautiful face, good hearing and good eyes.

Nobody will bow and kiss the earth if he has some degree of pride. This was what syaitan and iblis did. They went against the commend of Allah to bow down to Prophet Adam a.s. Why? Iblis said he was created from fire while Adam was made of earth and clay.

The face is the best portion of our body. Have we met anybody called a human being who walk around this surface of the earth without a face? The answer must be NO. In Islam, to perform 5 times daily solat , is to put a face on our body. Without 5 prayers, Allah did not see you as a human being. You are just a creation without any kind of face.

This doa mentioned about how great Allah is when he was kind to give us some listening abilities and seeing abilities. By doing so, we can attend to all lectures/ conferences/ ijtima’ all over the world. We can listen to many talks by many big people like Maulana Umar Tablighi wa Pakistani wa lla he, Mahathir Muhammad and Nik Aziz Nik Mat. Another nikmat is Allah let us be able to see. First we can see our own faces from the mirror hang up high in the toilet. Yes we look so handsome and so beautiful. We see our teeth and we see our nice curly hair. How fortunate we are to have nice teeth and hair today. By having that we can walk confidently any where on the surface of this world. Imagine if Allah created us without any hair? Ask the American ladies or Miss Paris Hilton (France) what will happen to them if they walk to a series of shopping malls without having any hair on top of their head. I think, they will look very funny indeed.

So we must express our gratitude to Allah 5 times a day by praying and profess a lot of thanks that Allah has made us look so handsome and so beautiful at least to the eyes of our spouses and families. If we don’t look nice to them at the first sight, may be there won’t be any kind of ‘love at first sight’. It was Allah who puts the trust in the heart of my father and mother in laws that this is the right man for their 20 year old + girl.

Thanks be to Allah. I end my short writing with SUBHANALLAH, ALHAMDULILAH and ALLAH HU AKBAR.

All this writings come from that doa after I met the ayat ‘ al sajadah ‘ in surah Alif lam mim As sajadah’.

Wallahu aklam.


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