A quiet quiet world out there

Posted by sazali


Have you ever met a quiet teacher? Have you met a quiet salesman? Imagine a school with 50 quiet teachers and imagine Proton with 500 quiet engineers and salesman? How will it fare in this competitive world? Malaysia got no top class ranking university yet. May be all of us are too quiet with so many things. If we do not write, that is not going to help right? Nothing to read by the future students. It is good to talk sometimes because by talking we let go of our ideas. Then somebody think and they will either support or reject our so-called ideas. This create some amount of discussion n who knows from there ..many books can be published such as "Melayu cepat lupa by Tun Mahathir". Looking at the imported books in the World Book Fair recently held in Kuala Lumpur  ..we can conclude some how ..we are a very quiet nation indeed.  Do you agree? Wasallam.


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