when to shut up?

Posted by sazali


I read an article in the Sunday Star yesterday.  I enjoyed reading it but I think I got some points too.

We can shut up our big mouth if :

1.  we got nothing to talk about ( the mouth is sore with blister)
2.  our talking could be just a nonsense
3.  our talking may bring  a  big shame to our post, job and organisation (listen to that MP from S..)
4.  we lack thinking before the talking

So in short as teachers, we can talk and talk if we have our audience and who knows ..from that talking we create another inventor like Steve Jobs.


B)  I looked forward to a teacher who can talk every day.  Someone who is always silent and ..  it is better for him not to be a teacher.  Try be someone who works in a morgue.  Try.  The room got no audience, I think.


Dr S.


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