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Good tidings to you my respected readers.

I love to write formally and also informally.  To be a teacher, it is a big duty to say something and write something to the mass population.


I hope by writiing I can spread what it is in my mind all these days.

First,  I read Sunday Star 25th March 2012 Malaysia Edition.  In EDUCATE ( its supplement) .  one writer complained that the students interest in studying maths and science at degree level and beyond has gone down by 26%.

This is a bad news for Malaysia because .. malaysia wants to be a developed country by 2020.  Only by maths and science research ..Malaysia can attain that developed country status.

What is 26%?

If we line up 10 students after PMR and SPM (15 year old and 17 year old students taking public exam in Malaysia)  then we can see that approxmately 3 students left the queue in taking maths and science disciplines in their education.  After 3 students left ..maths and science queue we are left with 7 students.  Out of this 7,  say 4 survive at the highest level of degree, masters and PHD level.  so we are left with 3 more students.  Say 2 of them are weak graduates at maths, science discipline at their convo.  There fore we are left with 1 more graduate at the cross road ..whether to take seriously maths and science related jobs in future.  Looking at thi s..  we cannot push our country to be at the top 100 nations in the world creating new ideas, innovations etc etc.  Mind you..  PROTON still cannot handle their automatic window problem after being in the auto industry for the last 30 years.  Why? may be ay be ..   not enough scientists and engineers to solve that window power window problem.  THat is why every time a proton car approach  the PLUS toll station .. every driver will open their door just to pay the toll.  At the same time,  ..  other drivers from TOYOTA, DATSUN, PEOGEUT did not do that ..they just press their automatic window button.  He..he.. 

looking at the above statistics, If we have 100 students,  26 of them quit the queue to do maths and science.  That is about the size of an average class of malaysian schools at large.  WE lost that 1 class of students already.

If we have 1000 students,  260 students left the interest to do maths and science.

So far 450,000 students took SPM last year.  This means that about 120,000 students did not want to pursue solid maths science and engineering courses at tertiary institutions.  This is very bad indeed.

By looking at this trend, then we started to see the logic why at the moment,  in the malaysian industries at large - i.e., constructing new houses, homes for example .. many labourers are from Indonesia, Thailand , Nigerian, and Bangladesh, and  Pakistan.  Since there are no takers from the local graduates from polytechnics, local universities to be house labourers who can climb hihg, higher, highest towers then foreign workers came in flooding  to fill up the vacant places in Malaysian backyard industries.

When .. many foreigners come into the malaysian markets,  many kinds of social problems like robbery, theft, murder , cheating, illicit sex, .., drugs come into force.  Prostitutes come  and go ..why?  SERVICing  the foreign workers in our  own country - tat is a simple answer! Now the Health MInistry is running after to stop many sexual diseases affecting the locals.  It has come to a stage we call .. it  Mad with unwanted babies at the masjids, mosques, temples, school gates, bus central stations, dustbins etc etc?

Pity.. our malaysian police.  They are busy with catching all kind of criminals ..  when at the same time,  the subjects science and maths become so dull to the younger generation. Don't you think it is high time we tackle this maths and science issue so that our future generation could save our country. If we can save this country , then it is nice to sing NegaraKu.  What say you my dear readers?  what happenggggggg really?

Thank you.  A matter of my small and humble thoughts.

Wallahu aklam.


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