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Posted by sazali


I would like to write few things regarding our life if it is without FB (facebook).

There are 4 strong things. They are:

* if there is no FB, we can focus more on our daily job like teaching, preparing for lessons, marking our students' work, listening to the students' complaints etc etc and we make many correct decisions along the way. As a good muslim, we can go and listen to our imams that teach in the mosque about many simple things like eating halal food, eating together as a family, doing things together as a strong family unit.There are more smiles from each other in the community as a whole.

** we can spend more time talking to our loved ones - wife / husband; children/ parents and of course we as adults with our blessed parents whom we always called 'dad' and 'mum'. Some of us ..unfortunately, we got all the guts to put our old parents in the old folks home few hundred km away. Why? the time spared can be spent on something else such as interacting with the FB.

*** we can go many places together. Nobody is trying to suggest anything to us. Our life - we control it ourselves. With FB, there are so many unexpected marriages, new born babies and of course these tragic news .. better to know a bit late lah( it is sure to be alright? well s/he is already dead .. right?).

* our life is full of pressure with FB. With FB , we know somebody who was married a bit later than us ..had already ... got baby, babies etc etc. We? He..he.. We are still trying hard to conceive with all kinds of supplements, tools, etc etc. What a misery? Our lives is full of worry. We are comparing things unknowingly. For example, we saw our friend's hubby. His 60 year old stomach is still flat ..while our beloved husband at the age of 50 plus , can't even walk properly with his 'big' tummy .. moving sideways 180 degrees left and 180 degrees right. What a sight! he..he.. what has happened actually?

Another comparison is, we look at our friend's home. Like Dallas and J.R. Ewing in 1970's somewhere in Kelantan. Ours? He..he.. a small bungalow in Kuala Lumpur .. price - RM500,000 but no body visiting us come day sun or rain. Nobody! Why? we are so busy digging for more money. We missed so many parties and gatherings from our own kampungs (villages). Why? we are just too busy worrying, rushing n of course killing ourselves on the road SEREMBAN Kuala LUmpur. Traffic Jam! Pay so much toll, petrol .. but yet we are not going anywhere yet .. in fact .. we can reach somewhere faster if we just take a lazy walk. See?

I think that's all for now. Plz get rid of FB slowly. Let us go back to a time we just do things at a slower pace and we think n feel better n fresh daily. Try. Give a try at this simple idea. I think u will feel the pleasure of drinking tea .and u taste it to be true Cameron Highlands 'tea'. Now with all this stupid FB , the tea tasted like a poison (sometimes). Why? we drank the tea like a horse panting for a mere drop of water..catching for so many date lines, actually.

Try, will you?

Wallahu aklam.

Dr Sazali PhD- UTHM; M Ed CAL (Birmingham); BSc OR (Leeds, UK); A-Levels (Grantham, UK).


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