TEST1 Mathematics April 2012

Posted by sazali


TEST 1 will cover all the topics that were taught so far from Week 1 to Week 6 but
it would be wise to focus more on  the followings:

a)  Logics - proposition;  predicates;  Truth Table/  d' Morgans Laws
b) Relation  A x B
c)  Permutation and Combination
d)  Mathematical Induction
e)  Coding based on the ideas as contained in mathematical induction and recurrence.

I think  that is all  from me this time.  Wish you well though ...

Good Luck!

DR S  (Dept of Software Engineering;  Faculty Computer Science and Information Technology;  UTHM)

0700hours   dated 30th March 2012   -on my way to Mid Valley, KL.  Promoter -  Education Post Graduate Study  in Malaysia


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