Be happy brother

Posted by sazali


Yesterday I went to visit my friend who was very ill.  His blood is thick ..and the doctor prescribed .. if he did not take the medicine on time . he might fall down , you know?

2) We didn;t stay long / his wife was busy explaining ..this and that.  How ever I felt a bit sad .. lokking at my friend who was used to be strong, very active in the Centre of Research ..  etc etc.

Tak apa ..  lah .. we go first ..take care my brother/  we come again, u know?

assalamualakium/    the point is .. sihat itu sementara..  sakit juga kesudahannya.  So berwaspadalah wahai insan bergelar manusia.  Dia sakit hari ini;  mungkin kita pulak di lain hari.  Wallahu aklam


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