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I think all of us are blessed in this short life.  Are we not?

First we are blessed to be born in Malaysia.  If not , .., imagine our parents played a game and pop .. out our body in Indonesia which is notorious with earthquakes,  floods , tsunami ,  ..  poverty etc etc.

Imagine we are born in Somalia, .., no food.  We might have a bigger head than our body.  Thin bodies .. many kinds of flies over our heads ..  and many more miseries.

Second we are blessed to be in a country of many races.  Our temparement is moderately low.  We can say many things towards each other .. but we never fight ..

See Iran/ Iraq.  They are quite arabs.  But they fought once and theynearly destroyed everything on the land.

See Egypt/ Syria .. they are also arabs..  they talk one language / brother and sisters ..but they fought among each other until their rivers flow with blood.

We? he..he..

we are a blessed nation.  You can throw anything out of your windows .... next morning, u can see a new plant. So fertile your soils with its natural compost etc etc.

So I better conclude

'..i feel that my life has been blessed. i had indians, chinese, australian, english, scottish, irish, pakistanis teachers plus my malay religious teachers .. throughout my life.  i have often met people who have gone out of their way to help me , and whenever i can .. i try to help / do the same.  it is always nice to give than to receive , so if u can , plz make it a point to do some good every chance u get.'

may Allah bless us malaysians.  Put tsunami  away from us ROBB. ameen.


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