Proses Menduduki Peperiksaan

Posted by sazali


Today your big day.

After 13 weeks studying Discrete Mathematics .. you are now busy preparing to answer the paper set at 0230pm.  Well Done.

Just to help you survive the ordeal.

Step 1.  Read the questions carefully.  Don't rush yet.

Step 2.  Begin answering the simplest / easiest question part first. The next harder one.  Put the hardest question the last ..  for you to attempt.

Step 3.  When answering , please use your eyes properly. Focus answering the question.  Don't try to copy. If you are caught with copying , taking notes into the examination hall.. you are going to be expelled from the course .  easy?

Step 4.  Don't try to go out from the hall before the time is over.  IIf you do that,  you are very stupid because outside the hall,  the malaysian weather is still hot and humid.  If you car is green in colour before you sit for the paper , i am dead sure the car is still green after you left the hall today.  So don't rush going out from the hall.  From history,  those who failed ..are usually those who ext the hall after 30 minutes and 1 hour.  They were fools actually.

Step 5.  Use all the time answerig the questions.  Check and recheck.

Good Luck.

See you in the 2nd Year.

Dr S.

Wallahu aklam.  I think I have done quite well teaching you ...  he..he.. ( we must be happy ok?)


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