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Last weekend I had the opportunity to read Sunday Star.  The most interesting article was the rate of divorce in Korea.  Their youngs got divorced after 4 years on average after their grand weddings and ..  the most tragic thing was .. their elders aged 50 to 60 are also divorcing their spouses as rapidly as their young ones.  Strange!   we a got a normal distribution curve?

There are a few reasons to this cases of divorces.

One of them is.. they are not honest to each other.  infidelity?

The second one is .. the educated men got bored with their slow partners.  They think their partners are not good enough  for intellectual discussion sine their partner lack readings etc etc.  But .. don't you think it is funny .. they start realizing that after marrying 30 - 40 years already.  there,  they are willing to go separate ways .. because their children are already grown ups.  Most children are on the mum's side.  Pity the men!  in short the men  were treated like  donkeys .. after the children grew up .. the donkeys were left off high and dry.  Lucky were the ladies.  Brilliant!

The third reason is .. internet/ chit chat // where after some time ( few weeks, months) with the help of cheap Air Asia fare .. they can meet their new lovers .. in the other part of the world.  Well .. that is the contribution of technology + Steve Jobs +  Bill Gates +  many more gurus.

The last reason they put was .. they lost faith in their religion.

Similar trend is happening in Malaysia too.

Last few months .. Kelantan alone charted a high number of divorce cases ..  20,000 .. per year starting from year 2000.  What are the reasons?

Kelantan is famous for being the strongest fortress of Islam as compared to the modern states of Melaka and Negeri Sembilan.  So what happen?

The main reason may be .. knowing something called religion and practising it 100% is not correlated (it seems that way, isn't it)
at all.  If you know so much but you practice so little ..  well .. you will find the road to heaven .. not so smooth sailing after all.  Quarrels happen again and again between old spouses.  Economy not doing well. The husbands lost their jobs.  Businesses collapsed.  So love .. suddenly fall down like the playing cards.

Young Kelantanese .. find jobs away from the state.  Some of the youths ..  find their partners from Melaka and Negeri Sembilan.  Some statistics found that Johorean men are most liked by the Kelantanese ladies.  Why?  they put on the smartest dress.  (laugh).  The Kelantanese girls do not  find  their own state men that macho enough .. because .. they are poorly dressed up.  Well .. the kelantanese boys  grew up wearing Kain Pelakat ..while the Johoreans were trained wearing ' sampings'  at schools from their early age.  So smartness  is the in-thing of the Johoreans.  Not Kelantanese , I am afraid.   On the other side, Johoreans girls like Kelantanese men.  They put forward the hypothesis that these men are more religious than their males in Johor.  They can guide them to heaven faster and smarter.   When they got married in the year 1, 2 , 3 .. the world is like pure paradise. Every drop of water served on the dinner table will taste so sweet .. like honey.  Everything looks so nice .. so angelic.  The voice of the ladies ..in the early stage of their marriage .. sound so beautiful like the voice of Whitney Houston .. putting on her most popular chart .. Top of The Pop, London.   But . life is not always so smooth.  After some time ..the ladies will find that their husbands ... are not as kind as before.  The ladies voice had turned .. more towards the  she-horse (oops so sorry).  Sometimes, in the dailies, the husbands beat the wives very badly.    They beat .. because .. some men .. maintained their live styles of the rich and famous .. from the earnings of their wives.  If the wives ..stopped giving them money .. they turned wild .. and as a result the statistics say for themselves 20,000 divorce cases in that state alone ..  starting year 2000.  Is that not a strong proof that divorce can happen any where to any body nowadays?

So what is happening in Korea is also happening in our own soils.  So please beware my readers.  We must take care of ourselves ..so that all good values that we have .. won't be blown away by the wind .. what come may.  We need somebody to talk to ..when we grow older towards ..... he..he..  when we got married/ we decided to die together, right?

may God .. keep our marriage intact.   Obey Allah all the time and act upon what Prophet Muhammad s.a.w  charted for us muslims.  Ameen.

I will continue ..writing again about this soon.  God Willing.

Wallah hu aklam.


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