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Betul bukan .. cakap saya?  Kebahagian rumah tangga .. salah satu faktornya ialah isteri pandai menyediakan masakan yang enak kpd ahli keluarga sepanjang masa.  Rujuk :  Star Malaysia 21 JUNE 2012.  Tulisan Prof Dr Margaret Stanley Cambridge University.

See orang kafir pun ..  pandai memasak untuk familynya.  Lagipun dia seorang professor BIOLOGY dari Cambridge, UK.  Alhamdulilah .. my writings persuading my daughters to cook well .. learn cooking .. from young age ..up to the day when somebody ask for their hands ..are all perfectly appropriate.  Thanks YA ROBBI.

So if you are just a techncian, clerk, teachers , army, police ..  please learn to cook very well.  It save you money .. and u can interact with your husband , children .. very well indeed.  Moreover, it saves you money and time.  Imagine ur husband drive you and the family to a restaurant .. and in the way ..something bad happen..  u r all dead.  Accident!  if the malaikat ask you ..  wahai si mati ..mengapa jadi begini ?  then malu sangatlah ..if u say ..we are all dead ..because .. we are all eager going to eat just a bowl of  plain rice plus tom yam campur at Parit Karjo RnR.  See?  I think we can save our lives, if the mother say ..YES tonight I will cook Daddy! simple?

2)  Many hours ago , I was marking the maths papers Discrete Maths Year 1/ BIT1.  About 160 scripts .. 5 questions each script.  So far I have covered few popular topics among my students .. called ALGORITHM, INDUCTION and RECURSION, SET THEORY, FUNCTION n RELATION ..   so far i have the feeling that majority of my students .. did not do very well.  If the popular topics were not done so well (convincingly) ..i could not see how they are going to pass handsomely with the remaining topics like EULER and Hamiltonian.  He..he..  I just laugh a bit .. to relax my body and nerves.

3)  The final semester paper carries 100 marks.  I have to convert it into 40 marks because they have got 60 marks from the coursework.  To get 20/40  marks order to pass from the exam paper ..they have to score 50/100 from the final semester paper. So far I can count the number ..not more than 10 students  from each section ..  got well above 20/40.  In short .. they just got 2/40; 5/40; 11/40; 15/40 marks ..  hush so frightening

He..he..  you can feel the tension yourself right?

4)  To get a degree in IT..u must pass this maths paper dead/ alive unless paper is put aside and replace with a paper regarding Facebook, Google etc etc.  This only happen if one tsunami occur at this place and suddenly all the intelligent people perished .. and replaced by modern lecturers who subscribed to non-mathematical theories as the basis of the human survival.  He..he..

can that happen my dear?

Think got to leave u here.

See you 2nd Year BIT degree SEPT 2012. God willing.

Wallahu aklam


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