Lego betul ma

Posted by sazali


Lega dah hari ni/

2)  Tiket untuk penceramah luar UUM Sintok PM Aziz Jusoh finally issued by Passage Tours (SDN) Bhd.

now just trying to cover PM Miswan's withdrawal from the seminar entitled 'How to write a book?'.

I tak expect ...  benda ini.  (laugh)

never mind.  Manusia is just manusia.  All got many domestic problems .. what more if the venue is just around ur house.

I am trying to cover some loose holes asap.

3)  Think got to go to Penerbit's office after lunch.  Get some notes .

Wish the seminar will be a success .. Ameen.

Wallahu aklam.

Dr S.  (Birmingham, UK & UTHM, Johor)


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