Go steady

Posted by sazali

Salam After talking a bit on faster and slower jobs ..we turn to middle paths. Medium way of treating things. What are they? first, you spend more time to eat your food. Don't eat so fast because the world is not going to end after this, isn't it? If you eat so fast with your friends, they will think you have not seen the food for many weeks already. Shame on you, you know? Second, spend a bit more time in the toilet. Don't rush. If you do not clean yourself well ..you can not attend to the prayers when you are still 'dirty'. More over from experience, it is not fair to rush your business in the loo. It hurts you know? Thirdly, treat your wife well. Don't rush. She is available ..so take your time. If you are catching your flight to the place where MB Terengganu went to the coldest country on earth ..then I cannot stop you spending the fastest time on earth with your beloved wife. According to the book of tradition Ilya Ulumiddin by Imam Ghazali (rah.alahih) ..he said /.. treat your wife well please not only on the bed but every where. He..he.. how true that was. Let her feel nice, you will feel nice ..and of course everybody will feel nice next day. Nice is the heaven for the next day. Please smile. I think thats all for today. We meet again next time.


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