Morniing PR

Posted by sazali

salam Nice to be back you know? he..he.. 2) Must take care of my health. Remember \i am an old horse. Must not try to run as fast as the young ones. He..he.. 3) Getting the notes ready. Assignments and many more. is all in my AUTHOR .. but I could not access them yet. Without the letter black and white .. from my faculty .. AUTHOR is just dead from everybody regarding my work. However, I must thanks Allah for giving me a day more to survive in PR .. he..he.. i always say .. welcome home papa. If there is rezeki here .. the rezeki will not run away from you no matter what. If there is no more rezeki ... the old horse may some how .. drop down unknowingly on the turf . and by that .. it will be too late to say good bye to all the world again. Live for a day .. and say Alhamdulilah. Live 1 more day and say .. alhamdulilah, subhanallah and Allahuakabar. O yes .. a day is a bonus again and again. last nght my friend call.. his neighbour's wife passed away from cancer. See? Al Fatihah. wasallam.


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