Welcome Back you - papa

Posted by sazali


After sometime ..  after holidaying .. now comes the time ..to report for duty once again.

The first .. is look direct to the mirror and say"  Welcome Back papa"

By wishing .. you are building some degree of freshness and longevity

2)  Teaching .  ..is fun if you enjoy teaching.
Teaching is horrible if ..you hate teaching and all those associated with the schools, polytechnics and universities.

So you better decide now wich is which.  Fun or boring?


After deciding .. you better say ' ..tawakal tu alla llah.. '

A small good ..  will be accounted for and
a small bad deed will also be accounted for..

So as far as life ... is still inside your body .. you better do something good for yourself, others and all the other creations of Allah.

may Allah smiles at you with good health, face and fresh life.

Wallahu aklam bis sawabbbb.


  1. syarifah hana said...

    PM welcome back.. we still need you..

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