Selling books

Posted by sazali

Salam After my masters and doctoral programes, I brave myself writing a book on Statistics. It is a collection of stories and some touches from statistics. I find it very challenging and of course the satisfactions that comes from there. It is not the money that I made, but it is more to sharing my experience with my students from the polytechnics and this new university. I write my best because they can always compare my work with others in the market. Currently, many of students come from well to do families and I believe that their parents are highly educated and professional. To address that, luckily I befriending a professor in SPSS for the last 4 years and from this association, I gathered important ideas of putting across my ideas on the book. 2) My book will have the questions and suggested solutions. Hopefully, this can help my students now and their future. God Willingly of course. Till then .. see you.


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