laju laju

Posted by sazali

Salam. that day i wrote something about going slow. Today the mood is going fast. There are few things we must act fast, faster and fastest. First, completing our studies. if we graduate on time, insyallah, we can apply for jobs. This is important when the economy is good and better. At that time, there will be more jobs going around for the graduates. Unlucky indeed for those who wasted their chance in completing their study on time. By the time they graduate the country has turned gloomy and of course..that is not good to get jobs for them. Secondly, is going to the lecture theatre. It is good to go to the class early so that we won't miss anything important. Unlucky are those who come to lecture 30 minutes late..when all important steps in collecting data for a statistical project has been thoroughly discussed. We miss a lot. Hope you understand what i mean there. so take care, young graduates. wasallam


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