Lesson Plan

Posted by sazali

Salam As lecturers/ teachers we are asked to prepare the lesson plan(s) to teach. This is to guide us in the classroom. Lesson plan is just like a 'dot' on the radar of an air tower station in any country. By looking at the radar .. the personnel at the station knows there is a plane out there in the air. Similarly with teachers/ lecturers. We must put our 'teaching' in the radar of the universities. Else ..we might get loss. 2) Have you heard this term 'syok sendiri'? A lecturer/ teacher who is active in politics ..without a lesson plan .. he might be teaching his political ideology instead of the lesson he was suppose to teach. It is not surprising some teachers talk about sports(football) when .. they are paid to teach History and Geography in the first place. Imagine he has spent 4 months talking about Maradona/ Messi/ Ronaldo ..when his 500 students gonna sit for Maths 4 examination tomorrow?\ what will happen? of course disaster. 3) Similarly is our sacred life as a muslim. We are put here to worship Allah and follows the sunnah of our beloved Rasullullah (s.a.w). If we follow ... all the rules ..we are putting our self in the radar of Allah Taala .. he will be please with us insyallah. Without the obedience, the plane we are in ..are heading towards disaster ..not only on this earth but in the hereafter (akhirat). So ..as intelligent persons, which do you want? putting yourself in the radar or out of the screen? I am just a postman ..bringing some letters/ parcels to deliver. Take heed of the letters and of course not me. Wasallam. May God bless the postman and you my readers. Ameeeeeeeeen.


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