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Posted by sazali

Salam Since Oct 2013, the Malaysian population is faced with many cycles of 'rising prices and rising costs'. Out of urgent survival, the men came up with many ways to cut cost. One of them is cook our own food at home. All this is reported today in Star Malaysia 1st March 2014.(full 2 pages). Alhamdulilah it agrees with my writing in this blog all this while. It proves that .. we must save some money for the rainy days. 2) According to my understanding, for working parents .. they can cut cost as much as 30 - 50% from their dining tables alone. How? Go for basic cooking such as simple rice, simple fried chicken/ meat/fish and lots of vegetables, cereals, nuts and local fruits such as papaya and pineapples. Cut down on oily food such as too much frying this and that. Teach our children to pack up food for schools. So wake them up a bit early say 0530 am. Let them do it themselves. Buy simple bread, fried eggs, 2 or 3 nuts and put 1 or 2 slices of tomatoes and cucumbers. Off they go to school at 0700 hours. Healthy and wise! After 2 or 3 days .. give them a bar of Cadbury ... to add some sugar and calories to their diet. 3) Children can be trained .. by their parents .. about the importance of preparing our own food and breakfast. By doing so, slowly, we are inculcating good habits among our children to live according to our means. Of course ..we have to go exercising once in a while at the park. Spent more time eating with your children and play games with them... insyallah day ..they can see the beauty of having good family for themselves too. By cutting costs, hopefully, the children can appreciate what is money after all. Insyallah. God bless you my readers. Bye.


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