a smile a day , bp goes away

Posted by sazali

Salam BP = blood pressure All employees are working hard today. We have our target to achieve. Some hits the target but most do not. As a result, our direct bosses are not that happy with us any more. So our bp goes up once in a while. 2) When we go home, some times the house is in order and sometimes the condition of the house is so terrible. If we think about it seriously, our bp goes up more and more. O yes.. no water in the bathroom! 3) in the kitchen, we try to fry some fishes. No oil! more bp problem. So we try to go to the nearest mamak iskandar sundry shop. You know what? no petrol in the tank. We are so furious .. so bp goes up this time round. if this problem do occur each day, soon our bp is 30* avg(bp). In one year 12*30* avg(bp). In 30 years can you compute the accumulated total of your bp? so there is no surprise .. many of us ..fall flat in the office because our hearts are completely burnt out. We left our family behind. to counter that .. it is good to smile to our self first. Then our spouse and our beloved children. If we smile more, this will somehow lower the bp (masyallah). Unknowingly others will smile at us too. Imagine our bosses are smiling at us all the time 24/7. Soon , we don't have to worry about Prudential etc etc . More over, why are we so serious with our jobs? if we are in the selling business, the more we work .. the boss is getting richer and richer you know and not us. So think .. it is high time to smile to our own self. Be kind to your own self plz. TQ. wasallam


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