big, bigger , biggest

Posted by sazali

Salam. My ex-teachers used to tell me this ' Think big young man'. So I flew abroad to study. My motivator .. Amway bisness advise me ' .. think much bigger than the monthly pay// you will never get rich working for others .. you know?'. So I worked hard with the bisness plan. My supervisor Masters and Ph.D used to say '.. what you did will never be the biggest contribution to the body of knowledge ..' So in the end .. i am quite confuse .. how to measure this word ..big, bigger and the biggest. Last few weeks .. the world witness the biggest search for an air craft in the Indian Ocean. With all the latest technology .. of course they found nothing yet. You know why? 2) I think .. the aircraft is hidden somewhere else not in the ocean. why? 3) My shifu Colonel Amiruudin from California A FATIHAH- ( a tablighi - in Michigan, USA, 1976) .. used to say in a big bayan... men are fools because .. they searched the jungles when the lost item is in the river next door to their homes. That is why .. the snakeman can play the music 24/7 .. and the snake came out handsomely anytime .. because the man is wasting none of his effort to find the snake, 4 the snake is in the basket! Simple! Think about it my dear .. Wallahu aklam bis sawabbb.


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