penat penat penat gila ni

Posted by sazali

Salam How do you feel when you are just very tired physically and mentally? You can do three things. Really? Firstly, you can quit the work/ job. So easy This step ... will cause more shooting, cursing and hardships at home because as man are always the bread winner ..come shine or rain .. man. Secondly, you can see the doctor and get some advice from him/ her. Most probably, he will tell you to rest , rest and rest while taking his prescriptions like vitamins and paracetemol ( to ease your pain at the neck, arms etc etc). Thirdly, take a holiday and ..just forget your job for a while. Simple right? ------------- I think all those steps are just brilliant in theory I mean. But I take a mixture of everything plus taking more fruits called pineapples, oranges, mangoes and papaya. Talk with simpler people like those 'waks' at the mamak shops could really help. By interacting with simpler people , your problem could be simplified and got factored to some degrees. Try ? Why not the professor(s)? O no .. these are more problem people. Stay away from them please. For goodness sake. They just give 1001 great suggestions .. but the next minute .. they are laughing at you all the way. Believe me. In this part of the world, our stories past to the other people within minutes. Yes the professors. They analysed many things , suggest many things, recommend this and that , and .. soon our story will be a hot issue in the coffee shop. O yes .. the stories can be put in many forms/ perspectives etc etc. (ha..ha..) So in conclusion , .. now I better spend some time washing my clothes manually and try to smile more while taking the good air from those water with created by more and more BREEZE bubbles getting into your nostrils. He..he.. Life is not that difficult after all. Don't kill yourself ..plz. Just wash your clothes from item #1 to item #n. Do it slowly. Wallahu aklam bis sawab.


  1. Adellynn said...

    out of a sudden, i have a target.. to become a teacher/lecturer/professor.. I wanna teach those so called "ex-budak kelas hujung hujung" in universities/polytechnics/ADTEC, etc. so that they wont be the laughing stock for the people with higher education out there..

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