simple life, anybody?

Posted by sazali

Salam. As a human being it is good to live as simply as possible. By doing so we save ourselves from 1000 kinds of worry. As a student we must know the purpose of our going to a university. So we put our lives according to that particular purpose. Let us say our lecture begins at 800am sharp. To catch that time, we must make sure we have enough sleep that night and we wake up a bit earlier. We give some time to take breakfast and catch the bus. That is theory. But practically the above was not done by some students. They slept late, they woke up a bit late and of course some skipped the breakfast. They entered the lecture halls a bit late and of course they missed the introductory part of the lecture. With an empty stomach and sleepy eyes , there is a possibility they understand little what is going on in the hall. Subjects like programming n computer architecture needs a strong mind to digest the theories. Right? 50 years back, traditional doctors advise man to take breakfast. But now, new doctors introduced a new style called ' taking brunch'. Some take powdered milk, they shake some chemicals and swallow the liquid instead of taking proper food like toasted breads, egg, some oranges and a cup of hot coffee. By doing so, we hear modern illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, and many more. This is because we lead a hurried life. Why? We lack sleep. We lack rest. We did not plan well with the most expensive machine called our own physical body. We saw some students with diabetes, obese and many more man problem. To live happily and safe, let us revise the purpose of us going to the university. We eat well and go for the jogging plz. Thus we have a better mind to focus in the classrooms, tests and examinations. Let us change our lives, shall we?


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