why oh why

Posted by sazali

Salam. Allah sends Adam and then Hawa (Eve). From there man population grows. In China alone ..GOD gives a billion people. So does India. God gives another billion. In Malaysia, we just contribute 30 million including 2 million illegal immigrants. But surprisingly ..the malay faces here look much more towards indian and chinese. So malay could be a mixture of indians and chinese. Thats why malaysia is malay sees india apek. Simple? ______ Thats not the main point of this writing. What i want to say is..Allah sends man, woman nicely. Soon the children came. Then when the parents aged gracefully, here comes the grand children. From the blessing of Allah, he puts into us the feelings of love. The parents forego rest n comfort to see their children grow. Then they let the children go one after the other in the name of marriage n amanah. We love them so much. Some parents wake up so early as rubber tappers and some go out to sea. Why? We want to give our children food, shelter n education. Some parents sold their lives to see them through from young to this time as a parent ourselves. All this is happening in front of our eyes. No bobody can ďeny there is love from the parents. I saw a parent forego food just to register their son in this university. When they went home to kelantan again, they purposely miss the dinner. Why? Their love was to provide extra money for their only son. Their sacrifice comes naturally. But allah loves his creation called man 70 times more than that parents love forgoing food for the sake of their son in a new university.(Raiwind, 1976) just wondering..why Allah has created hell ..when He loves us so much 70 degrees more than that nice parent. I think man should be sent to the heaven then. But Allah has sent prophets/ messengers one after the other ..Prophet Moses a.s. , Prophet Isa a.s and the last was Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. they warned us of hell from our wrong doings and they motivated us to do good deeds to enter heaven. Alas..many men were deaf, blind and ..foolish so if we were sent to hell .. we deserved hell because we missed solat one after the other. We cheated our friends, business partners, our neighbours, our tongues freely back biting our loved ones and many more wrong doings. These are put in the Holy Quran and Al Hadiths. Aghh..who led us there..syaitan, iblis, carnal desire and sheer laziness. Let us think that just a moment and do something positive for life is too short young men/ women. Tq. Fikirlah. Wallahu aklam bs sawabb


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