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Posted by sazali

Salam When we were abroad, small things meant big things for us. I remembered very well .. one day I went to Polytechnic Hatfield , London for an interview to continue my studies in BSC Mathematics and Computer Science in 1976/77. They asked me many questions including the scholarships. 2) I thought I had handled well all the questions. The letter of acceptance came next week after that. But .. the thing I remembered most was . on my way to the railway station ..I was walking from the campus towards to the station was quite a distance .. walk walk walk I did ...suddenly ..a car stopped. Oh it was interviewer that day ... he said '..common ..pop in (masuklah).. of course I jumped into the car ..Rover .. then we talked quite a lot. Mr West .. said many nice things about \mlaaysian students.. we stopped .. somewhere to have a hot coffee .. and then \i got off and jumped into the train to my hostel in Stamford Bridge London ..." What I am trying to say is .. small things by the locals .. have a big bearing on my opinions about the \british \education. \\i always recommend this type of education to the others. I mean .. I am the promoter to their education system knowingly or unknowingly. TQ. wasallam


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