Malay word for stupid is ..

Posted by sazali

Salam. There are many nice words in the Malay Language. Examples of nice words are sorry maaf. I come late. Next is comelmu ..which means so nice of you. These words can attract us to live together in three big races in Malaysia. But after those nice words, man can use many bad words like bodoh (stupid ) and gilo ( mad). Bad words can break our hearts. Examples after making so nice lunch comes a daddy who works as a policeman. Of course all people knows police take care of the towns around us. But being tired did not give you the right to say bad things to your wife. Examples bodoh punya pompuan. Masak pun tak pandai. The literal translation is ..stupid you minah .. you can't even cooked a simple food.

Of course..the lady is very angry. Not only they fought using bad words..between husband and wife ..but sometimes batu lesung/ rocket from the kitchen can hit at some one's face. If that happen, the biggest chance is someone will break somebody's nose or face. Next, more problem will come. Such as divorce and killing. See? There is a malay proverb which says terlajak perahu can go a u-turn but terlajak kata buruk padahnya. so i call myself and my dear readers ..please be considerate with our partners, friends and .. those who love you. Wallahu aklam bis sawab.


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