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Posted by sazali

Salam. Writing is an art. By writing we are expressing our ideas about something. If you are a government servant it is better to be careful when putting your ideas across to the public. There are 3 golden rules. first write something good for others to read. Example..malaysia is famous for tropical fruits like mangoes and bananas. If you write in English, you have a bigger audience. Say half of the world can read n understand your writing. so my advise is careful with your grammar and spelling. Second point is we must be responsible with our writings. Do not criticize your direct boss. If you do, you may lose your job. third write as general as possible. Few sentences are appropriate here. a) i enjoy going to INTAN courses in Klumpur. b) i prefer taking a public transport in attending the courses. I am free from thinking the safety of my own car especially if there is flash flood. C) try to be nice to your boss because one day you are going to replace him or her. if you are nice, i am nice then the world be a very nice place to live. Right? I think that is all for today. wallahu aklam/ God knows best. Tq


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