The word Sorry Sir

Posted by sazali

Salam As teachers we are often asked to give some forms of pardon or apology etc etc for some misconduct of our students. Such misconduct could be in the form like: late comers, late sending of assignments and many more. 2) Some lecturers pardoned them on the spot but some gave harsh words directly on the faces. Whatever way .. I hope the teacher/ lecturer/ professor do manage to live well in this age where most parents are out working under the sun. Many decades ago, most mothers stayed at home. Thus they have the time to train their children with manners and politeness in speaking to the eldest and their teachers. Nowadays, it is quite rare that .. the students realised they have committed an error such as .. making noise in the hall, laboratory, and many more places. This type of misconduct actually come from their own homes. To be safe, take care teachers out there. Some teachers disciplined their students and consequently their cars got scratched, painted red and many got many sorts of harrashments/ harms coming from the community. Till then good bye. Wallahu aklam bis sawab. p/s: have you seen this movie "to sir with love"?


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