The benefit of making friends ..

Posted by sazali

Salam We like friends because of few important reasons. First , we can share many stories. Example: Man United lost to Man City. He..he.. Second, we can discuss our mathematics and statistics at this undergraduate level. What we know , we teach others and what we do not know ..we can ask around. FOC! Third, we can know each other's culture and background. We are unfortunate lot if we cannot share - talking about one's opinion about religion, ethics, culture and politics of our friend's country. Fourth , if we are sick ..we can expect some help from our friends. If he can drive, he can send us to the nearest clinic asap. See? Finally, if our friends have nice sisters ..may be we can be his future/ potential brother-in-law. What say you? He..he... I think that is an essay about friends. Nice friends I mean. Till then Good Bye Habib.


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