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Adab makan (eating ethieques)?

first ..halal food ( the chicken must be slaughter with the name of Allah).
second, put it a plate.
wash your hand.

read doa allahummarik lana fima razak tana wa qina azaa bannnar (translation:  i am grateful for this food , my Lord).

then eat.

don't eat so hurriedly like the dogs on the street. Slowly take your food ok.

2) It is good to share your food with somebody. More blessings is for those who is willing enough to share his food.

By sharing, we create a strong bond between 2, 3 friends at any time.

In england, i ate with my pakistan and zambian friends. Sometimes i cooked malaysian food..n they like the food. We ate the food together in a big tray. After all we are gods' creation, why worry?  I always feel this is the real OIC (Organization of  Islamic Council) happening  in my kitchen in England and also Malaysia.

3) After eating, drink a glass of water. My friends from Africa hardly take any water while eating or after food. That is why..they can run and get gold medals in the Olympic. Those who always take water while eating their solid food like rice, roasted lamb, tandoori ..he is classified as weak athlete. Sorry to say that.  He..he..

After food read this prayer // so simple/ ..Alhamdulilah ( you don't need to do Ph.D to read that .. alhamdulilah ..thanks a lot my Robbbbbb (Allah))



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