The word 'difficult'

Posted by sazali


In English, there is a special word to describe the state of unpleasantness.  Yes, you are right.. the word is 'difficult'.


It is a difficult day today.  It is my VIVA day .. pray for me please.

It is difficult because of two specific reasons.  First, the methodology is not 100% guaranteed and secondly, the result section did not answer 1 major research question. I am not sure ..what my fate will be in front of those examiners.

The difficulties came about after 2 years in my research cycle.  I tried to stop but my SV said ..  keep my fingers cross.  He..he..

I tried to present the result last July in Copenhagen but looking at so few presenters and too many audiences .. I quickly decided to decline when my name was called.


If we failed in our endeavor , many of my seniors mentioned the word 'pay back time'.  That really pushes me towards the completion of this research.  I can't walk in UTHM if I brought home dark clouds over my head.

that is it for today.

Thank you.


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