sleep well my dear one

Posted by sazali


can you sleep my dear?

some people can sleep but some cant.  They can sleep regardless of the weather or space. In Karachi and New Delhi..i saw so many beggars were sleeping outside the airports even though it was a hot day and the places were very crowded.

were they tired or just dead lazy?

when tomorrow came, i saw more people sleeping. Soon i conclude ..looking T their tummies .. i think god sent them the luxury of sleeping and good eating of cepati, tandoori and lots of sweets. They must be very happy people living in countries that are regarded poor as compared to arab saudi.

2) in some western countries, some people can't hardly sleep. They look rich but they just cannot sleep without taking pills, drugs and many more. They look anxious and afraid. Top models cannot sleep well chasing for undefined beauty and fame. Happiness is also far from them.  They are afraid of many things like security and ageing. Look at Briggit Bardot at 90.  Ask her what happiness is. She must mention..the word like ..happiness is the ability to sleep well daily.

3)  now who gives those pakistanis, indians , and many people the luxury of sleeping well? Is it us or technology?

the answer must be Allah. He gives us the quality n luxury of sleeping well. We must be grateful for that.

how to be grateful? Say alhamdulilah, subhanallah and allahu akbar. While reciting these, have a solid faith inside you..evefything in this world belongs to Allah including the luxury of sleeing so well.

alhamdulilah. If you do that..soon the sleep can come to you peacefully . Insya allah.



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