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Today i am reading a book by Tun M. entitled  ' malays forgot things quickly' melayu senang sgt  lupa. I got the book from USM library.  It is just a 50 page book.

2) So far ..he blamed many things of them is the malay's attitude.  Second, PAS that brought some ideas . that seemed to benefit their political struggle.  He seems to attack PAS quite a lot. But I like to share some parts of his writings ..the closest meaning is

' body is going to help us if we are weak ..   weak in physical size, economic , business , academic ...and many other things... by reading his book ..

it seems that it was all true..

don't expect Lisbon to help us,
don't expect Amsterdam to help us,
don't expect Tokyo to help us ..  so did London.

and don't expect ..other countries to help us ..if we have no money and power.  In short, we have to help ourselves.  We must support our own technology PROTON ..  by helping our industries ,,, many malay youths got jobs ..and by the money obtained many goods are sold more actively in the local markets ... money bring more money!'  Belia melayu cepat khawin jika ada duit dengan adanya kerja.
Proton produces many ..  other smaller industries.  This provide more jobs for malaysian especially .  malays .. these boys will help their parents ,, the villages own  bikes, handsets, notebooks  n many more.

So in short ..  we must look up at ourselves Malays.  We must help ourselves.  Do not expect others to help us.

Thank you.  What say you boys?



  1. Anonymous said...

    Assalamualaikum Dr.haji szali, we missed you a lot here in uthm~
    How are you doing? I hope your are fine, energetic and awesome, yey.

    Now, we (1st batch of comp science) are now in year 3 of studies. Sir, i missed lot of you kata-kata nasihat...

  2. sazali said...

    Wa alaikum salam ..w.r.t. Tq. Terharu jugak ..ada org miss saya rupa rupanya. He..he.. jom dtglah Penang/ Glugor. Call me .. u hear my voice. Murah jer ..hilanglah rindu itu ..right? By the way, /I m fine here. Syukjur alhamdulilah. Sibuk dgn kerja research dan tugasan baru. Saya doakan PSM kalian berjalan lancar insya allah. Ameen. Al the best ok?

  3. Anonymous said...

    Thank for a reply..and thank you so much for the pray. :)

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