mereka jual mahal mahal

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If you noticed .. one thing our book market, our books are quite low in price as compared to the western country.  Last 2 years I bought a maths book from a USA professor.  It cost me RM500.

Today I am attending a Prof Misami workshop.  You know what ... he is selling his books too.  It cost USA100 (RM330 - 400).  See point?

2) Our books ..  costing about RM50 to RM100 except prayer books like Yaseen etc etc. it cost RM5 which go much cheaper.  Why is that so?

3)  they blamed the government - they tax so much like the cigarettes/ alcohol.
secondly, there are few more tax structure that we do not understand as a lay man.

Singaporean book cost a lot in Malaysia too.  They said the exchange rate?

What could be the right answer?  quality?  we have more than 1000 professors here.  Are they not good when most of them graduated from the west and few of them are listed ..among the top 1000 scientist in the world.  My friend MMD .. is even put Who is Who ..publication.  See?

So why the heck is our book so lowly priced.  The answer no demand.  Might be true.  Our attitude is ..we are very loyal to the West most of the time. right?

Ok I better stop here.  I got Prof Mizami's workshop soon.

He is teaching about fractions/ japanese way in teaching that fractions n his book USA100?



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