Managing dead lines

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As a student in polytechnics and universities, most of us know what dead line is?  right?

Successful students are those who can score goals after all the dribbling he had done in the middle of the park (football pitch) and vice versa.  Refer to Maradona when he played for Argentina versus England.  He dribbled and he SCORED the goal  to  the standing ovation of all football fans throughout the world! that is a completion of a great job!

lets move to you case then

The skills of managing dead line:

1)  you must know the date
2)  what is the job / Ph.D  first draftt thesis?
3)  journal papers
4)  conference papers
5)  transfering thesis into a book
6)  assignment
7) final year project
8)  date to report back to UTHM, USM and ..... (fill in the blank)

During the process meeting the datelines, most of us suffer two things : lost of sleep and marital problem with our partner.  Few cannot do good business in the toilet. They spent ages in there just to dumb one kilogram of biological waste!  (laugh). Example: we are the only one who is killing ourselves in the middle of the night with the concluding chapter in the Ph.D thesis while our partner is planning Alum Rock/ Birmingham City Centre  car boot sales. O yes, she is smiling in the dark. We?  a horrible face...


so you must be careful with these scary datelines.

There is little value with phd if you break your life as a happy family.  If doing so, you are losing the wonderful children and cookings from your partner.

In conclusion, take care.  That is the best advice for a shifu here to my students all over the world.


Asso. Prof Dr Sazali Khalid (UTHM)
BSc. (Leeds),  SPLI (Penang), M.Ed (Birmingham), Ph.D (Batu Pahat)


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