Best jugak cucu cucu pulang ke Johor

Posted by sazali


Last night my cucu (grandsons) came back from Penang at last.

It was so many months they had stayed in Penang with their parents who are busy studying for their PhD in USM.

Of course after all these months, the legs of the grand-dad became  a bit weak.  Why?  Well in malay culture .. sons, daughters, grandsons and grand daughters means  a lot for any man/lady.  He..he.. I love to hear them joking, crying, fighting, see them running up and down the small football field ner our home and of course they love to make all sorts of noise.  My appetite also improve with Iman and Irshad around.  He..he..  common Iman ..kick the ball hard, harder and hardest.  Smash the 'nenek''s pasu please. Ha.ha..

It means that some body is going to pray for your forgiveness from Allah the most merciful , benevolent and kind.

Insyalalh .. I intend to play with them all day long ..because eyes are so tired with all these books, filling up forms to get promoted as an Associate Professor etc etc.  The chase never ends.

Mean while I make some plan to remark the students work - TEST1 , Quiz 3 and Quiz 4.

That is all for today.   Plz excuse me ..I want to play with my cucu.

Wallahu aklam.


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